The Rise of Plastzilla is conceived as an artistic response to worldwide plastic pollution impacting the oceans. It is a standalone project related to G. Pulido’s Deep Surface – Homage to the Sea, which is a multimedia performance originally premiered in 2009 with support from UNESCO’s Ocean Commission.

Watch a work in progress (excerpt)

Plastic is ubiquitous. Despite its numerous qualities and functions, in the present day, we are confronted with severe plastic pollution challenges. Not only is it related to hormonal disorders in animals (including humans), but its massive presence in the oceans has also made it almost impossible to swim or fish in a pristine sea, much in contrast to only fifty years ago. Plastic is being found inside sea birds, marine mammals, crustacea, and is even mistaken as plankton, thus altering the food chain from the bottom up. It has changed the ancestral Sea in less than a century. How did we reach this point as a society? Is it too late to escape from the plastic invasion? Can we change our patterns of production and consumption in significant ways?